About us

    • What is MITPro?

      MITPro is the Montreal IT Professionals User Group. We are more than four hundred of your colleagues throughout Montreal and the surrounding regions.

      MITPro is the largest IT User Group in Quebec, and the second largest in Canada.

      MITPro is a community… peers who meet on a monthly basis to learn and discuss new and existing technologies with industry leaders.

      MITPro is committed to helping those less fortunate, and does so by raising money for charities, collecting non-perishable items for food banks, and much more!

    • Why should YOU join MITPro?

      We are committed to bringing you seminars and lessons on topics of interest that our members request;

      We offer special programs such as study groups and more to come;

      Our members enjoy discounts from our sponsors – to date O’Reilly Group and Infolivres Plus;

      By helping our efforts you will be making a difference in the community; and

      It’s absolutely free so WHY NOT!?

      To become a member simply register on-line at www.mitpro.ca/register It’s that easy and you will be glad you did!